Employment Resource Guide

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Center for Excellence has teamed with the Penn State Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness to provide our military families with high-quality resources that have been reviewed and considered to be the best of their kind based on several criteria. Each of the resources provided below has been vetted for relevance, organization, ease of use, and resource content. All resources listed are also free to use; however, some of the online resources may require registration to access some of their features.

AfterDeployment (Topic: Deployment & the Civilian Job)


AfterDeployment is a resource supporting service members, their families, and veterans with common post-deployment challenges. Check out the “Work Adjustment” feature to learn about the changes you might experience when returning to your civilian job after deployment. Take an assessment to determine how well you are adjusting to your work environment. After the assessment, you can watch a number of videos about adjustment and visit the e-library for more in-depth information on how to adjust back to a civilian career.

Career One Stop (Topic: Career Exploration & Interest Profiler)


With Career One Stop’s “Explore Careers” feature you can find wage information, employment trends, and skills needed for any occupation. This feature can also help you learn the different tasks and activities associated with a specific job, what types of tools and technology you will use on the job, and the education and training required for the job. Take an interest assessment to identify careers that fit your likes and dislikes, a skills assessment to determine what careers you are already qualified for, or a values assessment to learn what careers match your beliefs.

GCF LearnFree.org (Topic: Interviewing)


The interview process is the most difficult part of a job search for some. What should you do before an interview? What information should you have going into an interview? These questions, and many more are answered by this resource. The website reviews the different types of interviews, what to prepare before an interview, what to do during an interview, and how to follow up after an interview. Take the interactive quiz to determine if you are interview ready!

Ladders (Topic: Resume Builder)


Ladders’ resume builder helps you build a resume from scratch starting with where to place your name and personal information. As you follow the information entry prompts, you can click on the information icon to get an idea of the job titles, skills, accomplishments, employment history, and education history you should list on your resume. This resume builder takes the hassle out of following a resume template. You can create an account to save your progress and work on your resume when the time is right.

LinkedIn (Topic: Networking)


LinkedIn can help you build your professional social network. LinkedIn also gives you tips for completing your online profile, including making suggestions for what skills you may want to list. LinkedIn boasts over “443 million members giving you access to people, jobs, and professional news.”

Monster.com (Topic: Job Search)


There are many ways we go about choosing which jobs to apply for including the type of job, the job location, among many other criteria. Monster has a long list of ways in which to search, and filter, jobs postings. Along with blogs, templates and other resources relating to job searching Monster.com is one stop for career resources.

O*NET OnLine Military Crosswalk Search (Topic: Military Skills Translation)


The O*NET OnLine Military Crosswalk Search allows you to find civilian career information associated with your Military Occupational Classification. Simply enter your title or code to generate a list of tasks and work activities you may have participated in, tools and technology you may have utilized, and knowledge, skills, and abilities you may have gained. The search also generates a list of interests you may have if you enjoyed your military job, work styles that benefit that job, and work values that are important for success in that position. If you are interested in a civilian career similar to your military job you will find related occupations as well as wages and employment trends associated with those civilian occupations.

Rally Point (Topic: Networking)


Rally Point lets you network with others connected to the military community. The site makes it easy to identify those you know and makes suggestions for other contacts to help extend your professional network. Rally Point is endorsed by a number of Joint Chiefs of Staff which demonstrates existing support in the military community. This is a great tool to grow your professional network.