PTSD and TBI Resource Guide

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Center for Excellence has teamed with the Penn State Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness to provide our military families with high-quality resources that have been reviewed and considered to be the best of their kind based on several criteria. Each of the resources provided below has been vetted for relevance, organization, ease of use, and resource content. All resources listed are also free to use; however, some of the online resources may require registration to access some of their features.

About Face

Follow the About Face awareness campaign. Hear the stories of other Veterans who have suffered from PTSD and learn about their treatment experiences.

After Deployment provides interactive tools including, assessments, stories and resources on PTSD and other wellness topics. Identify your stress and triggers by completing the Post-Traumatic Stress workbook. This site also includes a hotline and live chat feature that you can access at anytime

VA National Center for PTSD & PTSD Coach

The Department of Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD offers a public and a professional track for audiences visiting the site. The public side consists of videos in understanding PTSD, interactive modules, and guides on reintegration. For providers there is a series entitled PTSD 101. This includes a set of online modules offering general PTSD foundational courses and courses in assessing and course of treatment for PTSD. The National Center for PTSD in conjunction with the National Center for Telehealth have developed an application, PTSD Coach, that can help you learn about PTSD and manage your symptoms. PTSD Coach also offers an assessment to track your symptoms. Upload your favorite music, pictures, and contacts for use in the exercises that help you manage these symptoms.


BrainlineMilitary is an arm of that provides military specific information and resources to veterans, service members, families, and providers. The site explores topics related to TBI symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and living with TBI through video, webcasts, articles and personal stories. Follow the video blog of Veteran Adam Anicich (“Adam at Ease”) through his injury and recovery.

Brain Injury Center

Find information about TBI symptoms, treatment and recovery for mild to severe TBI. Learn about and explore the brain to better understand how the brain operates and the implications of a TBI on the brain There are resources for caregivers too! The resource center includes videos, guides, journal templates, and checklists.